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  • Ben ben 10 tấn công mười kraken Ben ben 10 tấn công mười kraken 7358 lượt Các kraken đã tăng lên từ độ sâu của hồ để tàn phá! giúp ben để gửi nó trở lại nó đến từ đâu
  • awesome ben 10 game awesome ben 10 game 7020 lượt Kill monsters to protect the city is the task of BEN 10, help them complete this difficult task.
  • Ben 10: Monster Cards Ben 10: Monster Cards 6304 lượt Many monsters walk about the earth.Use your skill to help Ben 10 defeat all monsters.
  • Ben 10 Underworld Ben 10 Underworld 5950 lượt Kevin suddenly appeared and kidnapped Gwen.
    He demanded that Ben turn over the Omnitrix.
    If his demand is not met in 24 hours, he'll kill Gwen.
    The only way to find Gwen is to fight the way through the massive underworld before it's too late...
    Good luck Ben, this is a one-man infiltration mission.
    Gwen is waiting for you at underworld's end...
  • Ben 10 Power Hunt Ben 10 Power Hunt 5610 lượt Enjoy this captivating competition between the ben10 and Vilgax. You have to make ben 10 win by collecting all the power ups in that area. Avoid contact with vilgax, else your game comes to an end.
  • Puzzle Mania Ben 10 Puzzle Mania Ben 10 5534 lượt Fix the pieces exactly on the picture frame. Use mouse to fix the pieces.
  • Ben 10 Saving Sparksville Ben 10 Saving Sparksville 5463 lượt In this game Ben 10 is fighting a giant robot created by Megawatt. The robot is walking towards the hydro electric dam to power up. You must destroy it before it succeeds. Ben 10 has converted into Heatblast for this purpose. Heatblast is flying on some sort of board and shooting fireballs to the robot. The robot picks up cars and throws them towards Ben 10. Your goal is to avoid these cars and to hit the robot with fire balls.
  • Ben 10 Power Shot Ben 10 Power Shot 5282 lượt Collect Power watch to increase laser counts. Laser counts will increase your shooting counts. Attack enemy (Vil gax) to score points. Complete all levels with given target score.
  • Ben 10 Hero Matrix Ben 10 Hero Matrix 5143 lượt Use the Ben 10 Hero Matrix to create your own alien heroes to print and share with your friends.
  • Ben 10 Fix My Tiles Ben 10 Fix My Tiles 4785 lượt Place on the right place the pieces from the Ben 10 puzzle and complete it quickly
  • Ben 10 vs Bakugan Ben 10 vs Bakugan 4622 lượt Choose your favorite hero against to other one.Try to catch him with your bow.
  • Ben 10: Total Batlle Ben 10: Total Batlle 4018 lượt Help Ben 10 to defeat The Boss of monsters and destroy all the monsters that are attacking you.
  • Ben 10 Air War Ben 10 Air War 3707 lượt Collect the targeted number of Watches in order to complete all the levels successfully without hitting the opponents.
  • Ben 10 Toxic Hazard Ben 10 Toxic Hazard 3242 lượt Dr. Russ is working on radioactive weapons. Ben 10 takes action to stop him.
  • Ben 10 Top Gun Ben 10 Top Gun 2921 lượt Vigax has captured Grandpa, he demanded the Omnitrix or he will kill Grandpa... Only you can save him.
  • Ben 10 Statue Fix Ben 10 Statue Fix 2491 lượt Place the pieces of Ben10 in the exact position, within the given time limit, to go to the next level.
  • Pennys Courageous Ride Pennys Courageous Ride 0 lượt Help Felicity guide her horse Penny to the rescue of her friend Ben! Penny will follow the mouse. Press Space to jump

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